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To the woman who’s been struggling to lose the fat for waaaaay too long. YET is determined to find and learn what actually works, long term…

“Finally, Ditch 15+ lbs (Along With Quick Fixes and Gimmicks) Like a Crazy Ex Boyfriend!”

Learn simple, practical eating skills which will produce lasting and sustainable change in your shape, self esteem and lifestyle for life!

What You Will Learn

Strategy 1: Love on Those Hormones!

A little-known way of using old fashioned food habits to kick into gear your fat burning hormones that give you more energy, lessens your need for snacking and fill you up to get on with your day. You’ll stop thinking of food every 15 minutes and feel like you can actually focus on work, your kids, or whatever fun activity you’ll like to do.

Strategy 2: Eat Less, Enjoy More!

How to “arrange” your food so you feel fuller and more satisfied from meals so you eat less naturally…..P.S (Insert Whisper Voice…) you can actually go out for dinner and eat all the good looking food and come home and feel damn proud of yourself as you’re fat loss goals haven’t been compromised in one single evening!

Strategy 3: Power Foods For Abundant Energy!

How to use power foods to “perk up” your body’s cells into boosting you with abundant energy…DAILY, and maybe even give the mental clarity you’ve been missing! (Many of the women who lost and maintained their weight in my programs use this, and it’s so simple, obvious, and easy, most people have a hard time believing they didn’t do this sooner!)

Strategy 4: Hunger Monster Slayer!

The easiest way to avoid the so-called “I need TO EAT NOW!” screams that your brain is convincing you is a true imminent need… (Hint: I’ll show you how to trigger a (healthy) “I’m full reflex” in your brain so you ONLY eat when you’re truly hungry! No more counting carbs or calories! You’ll find yourself deleting apps like: My Fitness Pal…Fitbit…no longer needing them in your life…You’ll love the way it feels to be free of needing them!

Strategy 5: Tame your bloat

The 80% trick that helps you know exactly when you are full enough to still function and do fun things without turning into a mushy, bloated blob on the couch. This trick alone will leave you with the energy to run in the garden with the kids or join an adventure club hiking and river rafting – not only that, you’ll actually LOOK 10lbs skinnier without the bloat!

Strategy 6: Hydrate Galore

A 100% fool-proof way to boost your metabolism and energy levels DAILY while keeping hunger, cravings & fatigue at bay. Even when you are busy! I’m sharing all the juicy details on how to hydrate your body for healing without depleting your systems of quality minerals and nutrients!

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